Jacek Olechowski – Chairman of the Board IAA Poland chapter

On February 5, 2018, in the structure of IAA Poland chapter there was a representation of the largest marketers on the Polish market created. On the inspiration of marketers’ representatives there will be the first media research project implemented as well. It will be more suited to the needs of advertisers.

Last year, IAA Poland chapter representatives presented the „Recommendations for the Polish advertising market” – a document that summarized the annual meetings of the so-called „Advertising Round Table” – the discussion forum for representatives of all participants in the marketing communication process: marketers, advertising agencies, media houses, media auditors and the media. The „Recommendations” indicated the four brakes that slow down the development of the Polish advertising market.

IAA Poland chapter provides marketers with the resources at their disposal, i.e. the organizational structure, staff, also financial resources at the disposal of the Association. At the same time, it was agreed that the curia of marketers will remain autonomous in relation to the Association, i.e. will have the right to take their own initiatives, to form their own positions, etc. The curia’s activities for the next year will be animated by members of the board of IAA Poland chapter, representing marketers: Bartosz Dobrzyński (P4 Play), Ania Jakubowski (Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits) and Rafał Jakubowski (mBank).

The marketers' representation was created in order to articulate the needs of this group of entities towards other participants of the marketing communication' market”, said Rafał Jakubowski – mBank CMO. „One of the urgent needs listed also in the” Recommendations for the advertisement market in Poland” is the change in the media research standard in such a way that they will respond to the needs of marketers to primarily inform about ROI from individual communication channels. Media research in its current form meets this need in an insufficient manner.”

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